Sunday, January 19, 2014


Apologies to all for my overly extended hiatus from the bloggosphere. I was busy with work and then moved house right before leaving for Christmas holidays. Am only now starting to get back to the normal order of things. Starting off the New Year on the right foot, however, with a new country for the collection: OMAN! Woots are in order, as are many thanks to friend Ceri who was in Oman on holiday (and reports loving it immensely).

Card shows the Omani traditional dagger, called the khanjar (خنجر‎). It is a symbolic weapon, worn by men after puberty and carried in an ornamental, filigree silver scabbard. It's of such importance to the national culture that it even appears on the flag and in the national emblem.

Definitive stamps from the set issued in 2001, again featuring the khanjar.

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