Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kyrgyzstan II

Postcard from Kyrgyzstani capital of Bishkek showing the State Philharmonic Hall and a statue of Kyrgyz national hero Manas riding his faithful horse Akkula. The deeds of Manas are recounted in a traditional epic poem that is both very old and very long. With over 500,000 lines, it is considered by some to be the longest epic poem in the world and is recited by specially trained orators called manaschi who spend years learning all the verses. The epic is traditionally said to be over a thousand years old, although it is impossible to date precisely as it was handed down through oral tradition and only first recorded in the eighteenth century.

Many thanks to friend Selina who went on holiday in Central Asia with her family. 

A commemorative stamp issued this year in honour of 125th anniversary of Kozhomkul, another Kyrgyzstani national hero who was renowned for his feats of strength, which included lifting his horse, and his leadership abilities.

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