Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Postcard showing Notre-Dame Cathedral in the eponymous capital of Luxembourg. Construction began in 1613 and is a noteworthy example of late Gothic architecture. It was made a cathedral in 1870 and remains the only cathedral in the country today. Part of the City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications World Heritage site.

This is a card I sent myself while on short holiday in Luxembourg and I must say that out of all the places I've ever been, Luxembourg had by far the worst postcards.  They all seemed to want to out-Photoshop each other using as many effects as possible (rainbow shadow gradient drop bevel Comic Sans!) with the most heinous photos ever developed at the local drugstore. It really took a lot of hunting to find this relatively innocuous one!

Left stamp features Grand-Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte Concert Hall. Joséphine-Charlotte was a Belgian princess who then married the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and is mother to the current Grand Duke, Henri. Stamp on the right features the headquarters of Luxembourg Bank and Savings Union and the Adolphe Bridge in front of it, spanning the Pétrusse River and its steep river valley.

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