Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Card from the American territory of Guam in the North-West Pacific. The island has become a popular winter holiday spot for Japanese, Koreans and Chinese looking for a spot of beach and sun. Card shows Tanguisson Beach and Two Lovers Point in the background. There are various permutations of the legend of Two Lovers Point, but in essence two star-crossed lovers, persecuted in life, tie their hair together and jump off the high cliff face to stay together in eternity.

Guam, and all other US territories, use the United States Postal Service rather than issuing its own stamps. Stamp shows Acadia National Park, the oldest national park in the United States east of the Mississippi, created in 1919. I thought it rather amusing that the special Canada/Mexico rate still applies to mail sent from Guam, even though they are several thousands of kilometres away, whereas mail sent to nearby Japan uses the standard international rate.

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