Saturday, July 21, 2012

Uzbekistan II

After years of trying, I was happy to finally find someone to send me a postcard from Uzbekistan. When I received the card, it was indeed very lovely, but had unfortunately been sent from neighbouring Kazakhstan. My hunt for an Uzbekistan stamped, sent card continued. Then, today, as I opened up my mailbox, I was more than thrilled to find not one, but three Uzbekistan postcards, sent by three different people!

The first card shows the Kalyan Mosque in the Historic Centre of Bukhara World Heritage site. The minaret was built in 1127 and so impressed Genghis Khan that he ordered it to be spared when all around was destroyed by his men.

Many, many thanks to Alena for agreeing to swap cards.

Stamp on the left commemorates Berdaq, an Uzbekistani poet from the nineteenth century. The pair on the right are from a definitive series from 2008, showing the Uzbek National Academic Drama Theatre in the capital, Tashkent.

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