Monday, July 23, 2012


I was very excited when a coworker friend announced he was going home to Nicaragua on holiday, as it's been a hard country to crack for my collection. Unfortunately, the postcards were sent in an envelope, so my search for a stamped card sent from Nicaragua continues, but certainly very sincere thanks to Carlos for taking time out of his holiday to track down some postcards for me.

The first card shows the crater of Masaya Volcano, an active volcano not far from the nation's capital, Managua. It was added to the World Heritage Tentative List in 1995 as the Volcán Masaya National Park.

Multiview card of Granada, founded in 1524, ostensibly making it the first European city in mainland America. Built on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, the "City of Granada and its natural environment" was added to the World Heritage Tentative List in 2003 because of its rich colonial heritage and the exceptional natural heritage of the lake.

Card shows the Park entrance, the Cathedral and Independence Square, mango-pickers in the park, and some of the Islets of Granada, an archipelago in the lake formed when a nearby volcano erupted 20,000 years ago.

Multiview showing a scarlet macaw, the Presidential Palace, the Islets of Granada, and another shot of the crater of Masaya Volcano.

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