Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nicaragua II

Postcard of the Granada, one of the oldest cities founded by the Spanish in the New World and, ostensibly, the first European city founded on the American mainland. It was founded in 1524 and was one of Spain's major colonial cities in the region. It is on Nicaragua's Tentative List for World Heritage as a mixed site: City of Granada and its natural environment. Muchas gracia to friend Bobby for sending this card while on a Spanish language course.

I couldn't find any information about these stamps that say they were issued in 1994. They feature famous international football players.


  1. Right, issued on 19.09.1994 because of the Football World Cup in the United States. That set consists of 8 stamps so two stamps are missing (Freddy Rincon, Rai).There was also a mini sheet issued. Hope I could help :)

    1. Thanks for the info, JPC. Wow! Pretty old stamps for a postcard sent a few weeks ago. :-P