Sunday, June 9, 2013

Greenland II

Happy Birthday to my blog! Wax on, Daniel-san – Postcards turns three today. It doesn't seem so long ago that I uploaded my first card showing two Greenlandic children performing the kunik, the traditional Inuit greeting. It seems only appropriate that I should have another card from Greenland for a birthday post, and with perfect timing received this one just last week. 

Card show's Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (and of Greenland), in traditional Greenlandic dress. She was crowned in 1972, but had not initially been expected to become sovereign due to Salic law preventing the crown from passing to a woman. A constitutional amendment was passed in 1953 to allow this after it became clear that her father, King Frederick, was unlikely to have any male heirs.

A woman after my own heart, Margrethe is an accomplished translator and contributed to the Danish translation of Lord of the Rings. You go, girl! 

Stamp on the left is from the 2012 definitive series, again featuring Queen Margrethe II. Stamp on the right commemorates the Queen's Ruby Jubilee of 40 years on the throne.