Sunday, February 17, 2013


A card from the tiny, isolated South Pacific country of Nauru, the world's third smallest and second least populated country. The country is famous, or more aptly infamous, for the terrible environmental impact phosphate mining has wrought on the small coral island. Phosphate was strip mined from the centre of the island, leaving behind a scorched and lifeless moonscape that can barely support the 9000 people who call Nauru their home. Seen here are the cantilevers used to deliver phosphate to cargo ships.

Many thanks to Hsiang-chi who very kindly agreed to swap cards with me. 謝謝你!

No stamp on this postage prepaid postcard, so unfortunately my hunt for a stamped card send from Nauru continues. Coat of arms of Nauru is shown, with the alchemical symbol for phosphate in the upper section.


  1. Hi Daniel, I also wrote a post about your postcard.
    And if you want, we can swap PC again with stamp.

    1. 你好 Hsiang-Chi! How's it going? If you wanted to swap again, that would be super awesome and very much appreciated. Thank you for offering! 謝謝你 :-D



    2. Couldn't be better, now trying to write something about postcard on my blog. I will send it to you ASAP and let you know if the PC on its way.