Friday, November 9, 2012


Postcard showing Angolan children. Angola is certainly one of the harder countries to come by as it is often purported to not have a functioning postal system, mail should be sent by DHL, etcetera, but this one got here without any drama in less than two weeks! Many heartfelt thanks to Émilie for helping strike this tough cookie off the list.

Stamp from a 1994 set of four featuring traditional ceramics, in this case an earthenware water jug.


  1. That's one of the hardest countries to find for sure ;) I have found one person from there but unfortunatelly he's collecting postcards only with movie posters (which I don't have) :/

    1. People often say Angola doesn't have a functioning postal system. I was quite surprised to receive this card at all as it arrived many month after I had been in contact with someone through Couchsurfing.