Wednesday, August 1, 2012

United Kingdom – Northern Ireland

Multiview of great Belfast pubs: The Crown Liquor Saloon; White's Tavern; The Duke of York; Robinson's; The Botanic Inn; Fibber Magee; Bittles Bar; McHuge's Bar; Hatfield House; Morning Star and The Crown Liquor Saloon (again -- I guess they ran out of great pubs).

There's a whole wiki page about craic, or "crack" as some prefer. I'll let you discover the delights of craic on your own, here, but rest assured, there is indeed substantive craic to be had in great Belfast pubs.

Although Northern Ireland uses the United Kingdom's Royal Mail, in researching this stamp I learned that there are definitive stamps issued for all four constituent countries of the Kingdom. In a certain way, it makes four more countries to collect. Only 119 left for me in that case! Seen here is the Northern Ireland definitive featuring lace doilies. 

Thanks to David and Cormac who were on holiday.

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